You can know the procedure and each step to make improvement and solve problem here!
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This procedure is the integration of DMAIC and PDCA steps.

This integration procedure can be used both in a simple (not a low hanging fruit problem) or
complex problem and also when making improvement.
This procedure helps user to know what steps that necessary to be carried out when performing
improvement project or solving problem.

  1. Select Team Members
  2. - All the members are being selected according to their functions in order to run the project
    - The members shall be the person which is familiar or specialized in improvement

  3. Appoint Team Leader
  4. - Then, team choose the team leader that will guide the members when performing the project

  5. Develop Organization Chart
  6. - The organization chart is being constructed that specify all the roles of the members

  7. Develop Gantt Chart
  8. - It is the project instrument tools used to illustrate how the project is being done
    - It consist of Planning Gantt Chart and Actual Planning Gantt Chart
    - It show the overall timeline of the project and the expected time to complete the project
  1. Identification of Possible Problems
  2. - All the possible problems (Y) that arise within the company or organization is being identified
    - Team brainstorm all the possible problems that can be solve or improve
    - Understand what is the customer requirement and voice of customer/business

    Translating VOC into CCR

  3. Select the Most Significant Problem
  4. - All the possible problems that being listed are transfer into the Effort to Resolve vs Impact Chart
    - The chart allow team to identify which problem that can be take by them to be solved
    - After all the possible problems are being identified, the most significant problem that give impact towards or organization is being prioritized
    - The low hanging fruit problem is being eliminated as it can be solve without a detailed process

  5. Develop Problem Statement
  6. - The problem statement is being developed by refering to the problem
    - The problem statement shall contain the 5W 1H to make sure that the problem statement easy to understand
    > What is happening?
    > Who involved?
    > Where the problem occurs?
    > When the problem happen?
    > Why the problem occurs?
    > How the problem occurs?

  7. Identify What Need to be Improved
  8. - After that, team find what need to be improved by referring to the improvement opportunity or the problem
      that bring most problematic issues towards the current situation

    Improvement Opportunity Schematic
  1. Develop Plan of Action
  2. Define Objectives of Project
  3. Define Project Benefits
  4. Project Team Charter
  1. Analyze Current Process Problem
  2. - The current situation where the problem occurs are being analyze
    - Usually analyze the process where the problem occurs, when the problems occurs, who involved,
      for how many times the problem occurs and many more that is related with the problem
    - The waste, value added and non value added steps also being recognized and analyze

  3. Measure Current Process
  4. - The current process performance, efficiency, productivity, time consumed and any other elements that
      are being measured
    - By measuring the current process, team can know in which state the process is whether in a good state
      or in a poor state. Other than that, team also know what process that can be improve later
    - Operational Definition being used to assure that the data is collected and measured in consistent ways
    - The operational definition is include:
    > What = What the specific criteria used for the measures
    > How = How the methodology to collect the data
    > How Much = How much the amount of data being collect
    > Who = Who is responsible to collect the data
  1. Decide What to Attack
  2. - Decide what to attack. What wanted to be attack? When to attack? And why attack?
    - Example:


  3. Define Target and Who Involved
  4. - Identify what is the target and start to attack

  5. Determine Location of Problem
  6. - Identify and set the location that problem occurs

  7. Determine When to Collect the Data
  8. - Set the duration to collect data

  9. Determine How to Collect the Data
  10. - Set how and what method to be used in order to collect the data and who will collect the data
  1. Gather and Collect Data
  2. - The data of the current situation is being gathered by using observation, interview, past record and many more

  3. Analyze the Data
  4. - The data then being analyze in order to know what is the causes of the problem arise
Data Measurement Plan

  1. Tangible Impact
  2. It is the impact of what the team or person wanted to be gain through out the project
    Usually in a physical impact that can be seen, measure and analyze

  3. Intangible Impact
  4. The impact that being gain through and after the project is being done
    Usually the impact that reflect towards personal such as communcation skills, teamwork development and many more

  1. Adopt and Adapt to Real Situation
  2. - After the solution is being confirmed in term of it effectiveness, then the solution is being implemented in real situation
    - The changes are being made by adopting the solution to real situation

  3. Standardization of Solution
  4. - The solution is being standardize across all function that involved in the process
    - It is to make sure that all the improvement process can be immersed in the function without having any trouble
    - All employee that involved in the improvement process need to be aware

  5. Keep improvement On-Going
  6. - The solution or improvement need to be routinely check and monitor
    - Kaizen need to be performed to make sure that the organization is continually improved